A 6-day photographic journey organised by Nature Photo Tours Spain led by our guide Antonio Caño. Antonio has been working as photographer in Extremadura for the last 6 years and knows the best locations for wildlife photography with great local knowledge.

During our itinerary we will visit the most iconic places in the western peninsular of Extremadura. We will visit Monfragüe National Park, the natural monument of Los Barruecos and the plains of Llanos de Cáceres and Trujillo. Throughout this expedition we will be able to photograph three types of vultures (Griffon Vulture, Black Vulture and Egyptian Vulture), planal birds such as the Great Bustard, Little Bustard or Rollers and water birds thanks to a hydro hide session.

Groups will be kept small, with a maximum of 7 photographers, in order to give personalised attention to each photographer and give each one an unforgettable experience.

Travel Itinerary

As we have mentioned before, we will visit several different photographic points of interest in Extremadura. Along the trip we have organised 3 hide sessions, we will also visit a Raptor hide with the chance of photographing up to 11 different Egyptian Vultures, plus 25 different Black Vultures and dozens of Griffon Vultures, plus other different species of birds such as Storks, Azure-Winged Magpie, Woodchat Shrike, Hoopoe, Black Kite and many more!!!

For the second hide the photographer has a choice between viewing the European Roller or Bee-eaters, two of the most beautiful birds in southern Europe.

The third hide session will be something very special, a Hydrohide! This is an incredible opportunity and unique photography experience to try something completely different, where we will be able to photograph dozens of species of water birds. Our guide will be with you at all times and will be showing you how it works and taking care of your safety.

Also, we will be able to see birds in their natural environment, visiting the amazing Monfragüe National Park where, together with hundreds of Vultures, we will have the chance of seeing the Iberian Imperial Eagle. Then we will visit the plains, where we will be able to see the Great Bustards in big groups and we will also visit the Barruecos, a natural museum where the granitic rocks create a wonderful landscape and where the storks are nesting and creating the perfect combination of landscape and wildlife photography.

But that’s not all!!! Monfragüe and Los Barruecos are ideal places to observe the starry skies at night, where we will do night photography workshops.

Here are the details of the itinerary by day:

  • Day 1: Arrival to Madrid
  • Day 2: Visit to the Monfragüe National Park and Night sky Photography
  • Day 3: Hide of vultures and Photograph of birds in flight
  • Day 4: Visit Llanos de Trujillo and Hydro Hide in Cáceres
  • Day 5: Roller or bee-eater hide session and Visit to the Barruecos
  • Day 6: Back to Madrid

What is included?

The final price will be all inclusive;

  • Collection at the airport
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Hide sessions
  • Transportation during the 6 days
  • Snacks
  • Local guide with you at all times



With this photographic trip, we aim to support local companies dedicated to nature tourism that have been supporting this development model for several years, accommodation, restaurants, hides companies, etc … by employing their services.

All these companies have joined forces in the Birding in Extremadura organisation, where the government of Extremadura has identified companies of a high standard, and Nature Photo Tours is part of this group.

But we would also like to go further and make this experience beneficial for local ONGs like AMUS who have been helping wildlife recovery, thanks to its hospital and rescue centre for wildlife. That is why 5% of the cost of each client on this expedition will be donated to this rescue centre located in Extremadura.

Dates & Prices

The 2019 expedition is already fully booked and given the great interest in the area we have launched dates for 2020.

The next dates will be from May 4th to 9th 2020

The final Price for the expedition is €1050 (all-inclusive).



The reservation period has already begun! So, to be successful in securing your place, we require a deposit of €150. Write to info@naturephototoursspain or call us at +34 685601718 and we will give you all the information for the reservation, as well as answers to any questions you may have.

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