Undoubtedly one of the most rare and amazing species of the peninsula is the Iberian Lynx, in Andújar (Jaén) it has one the largest colony. The workshop will be held on a private farm of more than 3,000 hectares within the Natural Park, where several hides are located in areas where this emblematic animal passes, and where you can see several specimens, some males and one female with young .

But not only that, the workshop also includes a hide session from GOLDEN EAGLES, and a guided route through the Sierra, where we will be able to contemplate the imperial eagle, griffon and black vulture, otters and of course see the lynx in their environment.

These workshops are carry out in collaboration with NATUREDA, a local company with extensive experience in the area and in guiding groups through the lands of the Iberian lynx.


The price is ALL INCLUSIVE

  • Accommodation: We will rest in Los Pinos, an accommodation located in the Sierra de Andújar.
  • Meals: Breakfast and dinner and lunch will be held in restaurants in the country, but our guides will take care of everything.
  • Displacements throughout the weekend: In addition to the displacements between hides, we will carry out guided routes through the Sierra de Andújar.
  • Photographic workshops: Theoretical classes will be given with the concepts that we will later practice in the field.


At Nature Photo Tours we would like you to become great professionals on the subject at the end of each of our workshops. In this course there will be workshops on:

  • Wildlife photography workshop
  • Night-sky  photography workshop

All of them will be tailored to the level of each photographer, since as they are small groups, maximum 6 people, we can give very personalized attention, in turn classes can be taught in English.

The photographic workshops will be taught by our guide ANTONIO CAÑO.


To carry out this workshop it is essential to bring a reflex or mirrorless camera. The ideal optics for wildlife photography would be between 200 and 500mm focal length but at the same time 70mm, 50mm lenses will also be useful to represent the animals in their environment or even 14-24mm focal lengths to take landscape photography, since we we find inside a Natural Park with an incredible landscape.

Another piece that is essential in your equipment for this workshop is a good tripod.

As recommended accessories some binoculars or telescope for observation.

If you do not have this equipment, do not worry, tell us in your reservation email and we will find a solution for you.

An important information you should know is that the hide involves long waits and that as we are not feeding the lynx, there is the possibility that the session does not end successfully, that is why 2 days you enter the hide and carry out the route, to maximize the opportunities to see and photograph this elusive animal, which when it is seen becomes a dream come true.


We have planned the perfect course to learn photography but also to get to know the Sierra de Andújar and all its fauna

Day 1:

  • Workshop presentation
  • Guided route through the points where there is a greater chance of sighting the imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx.

Day 2:

  • Entrance to the hide of Iberian lynx, full day in the hide
  • Dinner at the accommodation and discuss the day

Day 3:

  • 3 hours of Iberian lynx hide
  • Later Hide from Golden Eagle


The price of the 3-day course with ALL INCLUSIVE is € 655. A reservation of € 100 will be made and the rest will be paid upon arrival at the accommodation.


  • Next date November 2020


To make your reservation call +34 685 60 17 18 or send an email with your information to We will contact you and send you a form to personalize your trip as much as possible and adapt it to your preferences.

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