About us

Nature Photo Tours

We are a company specialised in running photographic expeditions in full nature.

Every day a photographic lesson is provided and a new technique is taught, suitable for all levels. Afterwards, we visit stunning locations where to implement them. It is a complete experience at any time because we select the locations according to season. Moreover, we rely on the best lodgings and places to eat, locals that show the culinary and historic culture of every region. We believe that our clients will make life-lasting memories during their travel experience.

Our guides


Antonio Caño:

An expert nature photographer. His studies as a geologist enable him to know and communicate the processes by which the landscape has been formed. With him, our clients will be able to appreciate the singularity of the locations where the expeditions take place.

On the other hand, his experience in the fields has made him gain knowledge about the necessary security measures at the natural environment, at the same time that he has developed fitness to move around. During his years of experience as a nature photographer, Antonio has studied the landscapes of Andalusia and has perfected his technique in the province of Caceres along the last four years. As a result, he knows the best points to find every species, as well as the best view points to take pictures of the landscape. Without the hint of a doubt, he is the best option to guide you during the expeditions in the peninsular southwest.


Rowan Thorne:

Being a native of west Wales and having lived and worked in Spain for the past three years has allowed him to engage in many outdoor pursuits such as hiking and running, along with playing rugby.

Rowan has traveled extensively and has had exposure to many different landscapes and environments, from the forests of central Finland at the peak of winter to the National Parks of South Africa. His passion for travelling, combined with an educational background studying Earth Sciences has led him to develop a keen interest in conservation and wildlife, this interest coupled with knowledge of physical earth processes allows him to talk passionately about the natural world which we live and what we must do to preserve it.

A strong communicator an enthusiastic individual makes him an engaging individual to work with.