Codes of ethics

We are a company specialised in carrying out photographic expeditions in full nature.

As Nature Photographers, we have a duty to respect the natural environment, we use to work with wild animals and in places where the ecological balance is vulnerable to the human being. Therefore, it is necessary that we set an example with our attitudes, asking for the necessary permissions, being aware of the legal regulations imposed within the natural territories, and showing respect towards the integrity of the landscape and its heritage values (archaeological heritage, geological heritage, etc.) The conservation of the landscape must override the photographic practice. 

We must always avoid situations that might be stressful for the wildlife, such as getting too close to the animals. These actions might result in a behaviour change, habituation to human being, etc. Therefore, we must do an effort to know the normal behaviour, the biology and the needs of every species.

However, the most important thing is to reflect faithfully the real and natural situations in order to spread the knowledge about their behaviours and the places through documentaries, exhibitions or audio-visual communication to our friends, relatives or the public. The reason for this lays in our belief that only what we know, we protect.

Let’s enjoy nature all together allowing the future generations to come to these places that we are going to visit, so they will be able to gaze upon their wonders too.


In NaturePhoto Tours we believe that the development of a responsible tourism can help value the environmental treasures of an area because that way we provide them with a voice and with the possibility of being ​known by everybody.

With this purpose in mind, we collaborate with local associations who are making great efforts to recover and maintain the threatened fauna, by taking care of wounded or ill animals, and undertaking a census of the population of the species. We collaborate through donations or through organising activities together. This way our expeditions benefit the local population of the places we go to, enhance their culture and advertise their qualities to the other villages we pass through.