Photography Hides

You can now book the experience that every photographer should try. The session is all inclusive, wetsuit, connection with the guide at all times, waterproof bag, and hydro hide. All this added to the experience of the guide, an expert

Hide incredible to take pictures of this nocturnal raptor, the tawny owl which allows you to perform high speed, double exposures, blurs

Hide to photograph up to 10 different species in a few hours, including the Eurasian bullfinch. LOCATION Located in the Sierra de Cáceres a few minutes from the capital, write us and a guide will accompany you to the photographic site. CHARACTERISTICS It is

We present our blind of White-throated Dipper. It is locatedin the Geopark of the Villuercas-Ibores and Jara, in a stream that allows a multitude of different compositions. It is a very entertaining blind where any photographer will enjoy taking pictures. LOCATION The

From our blind of big raptors, located in the National Park of Monfragüe, we can photograph one of the best colonies of black vultures in the world, also the intelligent Egyptian vulture, large groups of griffon vultures and black and

Our blind of the pond is the ideal place to photograph this species so characteristic of the peninsular west as is the azure-winged magpie. The curious thing about this species is that it has a curious global distribution in two

From our photographic hide of booted eagle you can photograph this majestic species. A couple appears, and the sessions are long and quite comfortable and usually have a good success rate. It is also good for shooting in flight. LOCATION The blind

From our photographic hide of a common buzzar, you can photograph a couple of this birds. But it also has a drinking fountain where abundant passerines, azure-winged magpie , blue tits, robins, etc. LOCATION The blind is located in the Monfragüe National