Some of the wildest places in Europe can be found in the boreal forests of Finland. Where species such as the brown bear or Capercaillie make these habitats a perfect location for nature photography. This is the place where we take

Undoubtedly one of the most rare and amazing species of the peninsula is the Iberian Lynx, in Andújar (Jaén) it has one the largest colony. The workshop will be held on a private farm of more than 3,000 hectares within

The journey that every nature photographer would have to make at least once in their life. A paradise that we have all dreamed of once, we are going to Kenya. On a trip specially prepared for photographers, with cars with

Located in the Province of Ávila we will visit an ideal mountain environment to find the GREDO´S IBEX. In this place we will make a route through the mountain enjoying the males with their great antlers and the groups of

In mid-September, one of the largest visual spectacles that the Iberian fauna gives us, the bellowing, the deer males exhibit all their strength through sounds and fights. From Nature Photo Tours Spain, and with the collaboration of Víctor Ortega, who will

The Saltee Islands are located five kilometers off the south coast of Wexford County in Ireland. The set consists of two islands called Great Saltee and Little Saltee. The two islands have been uninhabited since the beginning of the 20th