Terms and conditions


NaturePhoto Tours Spain provides useful lessons and information to the scheduled expeditions, and it is supported by an experienced team who will conduct those duties in the fieldwork. The areas and emergency situations are well known by our professional team, who are able and equipped to overcome any unexpected circumstances.

Our packages include accommodation and meals, in addition to other services provided by external suppliers who will assume liability for the activities carried out within their facilities.

In any way, our offices have chosen the best places to stay and eat with many meal options for those with food allergies or gastronomic preferences.

All our tours include a travel insurance for our clients since the moment of arrival to our amenities until the way back home. However, we will not assume liability for any damages, losses or injuries caused by an act of omission of our travel security rules, or those of our external suppliers.

By registering in one of our expeditions, the participant warrants that s/he has not any condition – physical, mental, or of any other kind- which might result in a dangerous situation for him/her or for other travelling companion. NaturePhoto Tours Spain keeps the right to ban any client whose actions endanger his/her physical integrity or that of others. Luggage and other personal belongings will be at every moment under the responsibility of its owner.

NaturePhoto Tours Spain shall modify any of the routes, lodging, or meals for a better adaptation to the participants’ needs and their physical abilities in order for all to enjoy an expedition without barriers.

Terms and conditions

Fees: all given fees are for one person in a double room, with the possibility of paying a surcharge to get an individual room. All prices are in Euros.

Eligibility criteria: all people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be in charge of him/her during the expedition.

Included in the price of the expedition:

  • Lodging and meals during the itinerary, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Educational material edited by NaturePhoto Tours Spain, with the routes to follow and information of photographic interest.
  • Guides of birds and wildlife of the areas.
  • Personal folder with blank sheets to take notes.
  • Information sent to your home prior to the start of the journey.
  • Admission tickets and permissions to enter the protected areas.
  • Access to photographic hideouts to take pictures of protected species.
  • Guidance every day during the journey.
  • Transfer from and to the airport.
  • Daily transport to the different trips.
  • Travel insurance for the outdoor activities.
  • Car insurance for the journeys.

Not included in the price:

  • Flight tickets to the airport of destination.
  • Passport or Visa fees.
  • Souvenirs or other purchases during the trips.
  • Meals outside the fixed breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours.
  • Cancellation insurance.
  • Personal expenses such as laundry services or phone calls.

Individual and shared rooms: there will always be a limited number of individual rooms with an extra charge added up to the initial price of the expedition. NaturePhoto Tours Spain will serve customers who are interested in a double room and will help them find a suitable partner. Given the case in which no suitable match is found and the client decides to stay in an individual room, the extra fee will be charged prior notice.

Changes on the itinerary: the itineraries are subject to certain readjustments which will depend on medical reasons, personal interests, or accessibility needs. Efforts will be made to readjust the itinerary for the improvement of the fixed previous one.

Documentation:  it is incumbent upon Participants to ensure that s/he obtains all necessary papers in order to be part of the expeditions, such as a valid passport, visas, vaccines, or any other personal document. Every extra cost generated by the lack of any of those documents will be the participant’s responsibility.

Health requirements: participants must be in a good physical and mental state. Any physical condition such as a specific diet or treatment must be reported at the time of booking.

Photography: NaturePhoto Tours Spain’s guides keep the right to take pictures or videos of the participants during the expeditions, and to use the material with commercial purposes. At the time of booking, the participant represents and warrants that s/he accepts these terms and conditions. In the case of disagreement, it must be notified to NaturePhoto Tours Spain after making the booking and always before the start of the expedition.

All the material created by the participants will belong to them and they will own the rights on those pictures or videos.

Others: different terms and conditions from those above mentioned might be implemented in some expeditions, always updating the client before the travel booking with NaturePhoto Tours Spain.

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Copyrights: NaturePhoto Tours is a registered trademark in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, being registered the name as the company logo.